Rug Care Guidelines

Shedding :
A new Tufted carpet or Rug can shed excess Fibres. This is not a manufacturing fault and will gradually disappear over time. 
Loose Tufts :
Loose gifts is a natural occurrence for hand tufted carpets. If you find any loose gifts DO NOT PULL these out as you may damage the carpet. Carefully cut any loose gifts with sharp scissors. 
Over time heavy furniture can crush the pile of hand tufted carpets and May cause dents. Crushing can be reduced by re-arranging the furniture so that the weight is not concentrated in one place. 
Cleaning :
We recommend that no harsh chemicals be used to wash any of our custom Hand Tufted Rugs. 
If you do accidentally spill anything on the hand Tufted rug, dab the liquid spill with a paper towel or a clean absorbent cloth. DO NOT rub or scrub as this will damage the pile. 
If the area of the rug has been stained do not attempt to clean it yourself. Contact a specialist or the supplier you bought it from. 
Carpet cleaning will be charged extra. 
100% Acrylic yarn is used for all Hand Tufted Rugs. Please don’t not leave in direct Sunlight for too long as the Tufted Rug as there will be discoloration.